Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a first aid kit in my vehicle?

Work vehicles are considered a workplace. A portable first aid kit should be provided in the vehicles of mobile workers if that is their workplace. For example, couriers, taxi drivers, sales reps, bus drivers, trades and inspectors require a first aid kit in their vehicle.

Q: Do the kits have all the contents so I will be covered by Workcover?

Australian Workplace Supplies have a diverse range of first aid kits and all kits comply with the latest WHS legislation. Remeber to check the Workcover requirements for your workplace to make sure you're covered and first aid ready.

Q: Do First Aid kits have an expiry date?

Certain items within First Aid Kits have Best Before or Expiry Dates. It's important to check your kit each quater to see what needs to be replaces either due to expired dates or commonly used items running out (such as plasters). Keep an eye on oitments and liquids as these products are the most likely to have expiry dates.

Q: What are the Bisley sizes like?

Here's a link to the Bisley Sizing Chart:

Q: What Fire Extinguisher Should I be using?

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