Booster Kit 1

Booster Kit

$40.91 AUD ex GST
$45.00 AUD inc GST  

Product Description

Booster Kit

Booster Kit.

Enhance the performance of your existing First Aid Supplies with our comprehensive Booster Kit. Designed to keep your supplies up to date, the Booster Kit comes in a handy zip locked bag ready to be loaded into your First Aid Kit. 

Booster Kit includes: 

  • Band Aids x50 
  • Bandage Crepe x50 
  • Triangle Bandage x50 
  • Adhesive Tape x1
  • Wound Closure Strips x5
  • Burn Gel 3.5g x10
  • Cleansing Wipes x10
  • Cotton Balls x1 pack of 10
  • Instant Cold Pack x1 
  • Eye Wash Cup x1 
  • Saline Ampoules x10
  • Gloves x2 pairs 
  • Disposable CPR Mask x1 
  • Splinter Probe x10 
  • Digital Thermometer x1
  • Safety Pins x12 
  • Penlight x1
  • First Aid Book x1
  • Snake & Spider ID Card x1 
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