Everyday Complacency

Posted on Oct 27th 2017

by Australian Workplace Supplies

The environments we see all the time, frequent the most and interact with on a daily basis are naturally the places where we feel completely safe. In reality, familiar environments where we repeat behaviour and subconsciously assess as ‘low or no risk’ are the places where complacency and therefore accidents occur the most.

It’s interesting to watch café owner Blake talk about the importance of being aware of your own presence and those around us. Walking into someone with a hot drink in hand, tripping on items left on the floor (including handbags) or slipping on spillages (whether from service staff or a consumer) all contribute to risks and injuries in the hospitality industry.

Prevention is key and implementing small practices like saying “behind” or “backs” can become a natural habit and reduce the risk for both staff and customers. Noticing and correcting hazards when they’re seen and encouraging staff and customers to do the same are all super beneficial to the workplace.

You can hear more about how Blake implements these in his #safeworkmonth video: 

For times when accidents do occur it’s important to have the right equipment in the right places. We have first aid kits designed specifically for kitchens and hospitality environments, burns kits and both permanent & portable eye wash facilities to ensure each workplace is prepared. You can check out the full range here.

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