You and Your Workspace!

Posted on Sep 6th 2017

by Australian Workplace Supplies

When we think about work safety and risks in the workplace we tend to think of outdoor work sites, factories, tradies and high risk jobs. Although these workplaces have their own risk, issues and regular problems it’s important to remember that offices can possess their own risks.

Most office jobs have staff members sitting for 6-8 hours a day with little to no activity or movement. Back, neck and shoulder pain is very common in office jobs and a lot of these issues and injuries arise from our trusty desks.

Some workplaces will have each work station designed specifically for the worker, however in a lot of offices this isn’t an option, so it’s important to ensure your space is set up the best for YOU.

When checking your workplace, you’re looking at desk and chair height, feet placement and body angles, arm and elbow height, the reach of your accessories and your screen to eye level.

Once your desk is sorted it’s important to remember that even with a perfectly ergonomic desk your body and eyes still need regular rests and movement.

Here’s some tips to get up, moving and away from your desk:

  • Get up and do some stretching
  • Do a little lap around the office
  • Take the stairs next time you need to go somewhere
  • Park slightly further from your office
  • Walk instead of catching the bus
  • Remember to take regular breaks away from your screens (both your computer and your phone) to give your eyes a rest
  • Drink plenty of water (just because the office temperature is probably cool, doesn’t mean your body is properly hydrated)

Want to do more in your workplace? Have a look at this check list by the Department of Education, Training and Employement. 

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