How to choose the right First Aid Kit for your Workplace

Posted on Mar 8th 2017

by Australian Workplace Supplies

It can be a daunting experience selecting the correct First Aid Kit for your workplace. The health and safety of your employees and colleagues is in your hands and it is important that they have the right resources available when they need it.

Australian Workplace Supplies have partnered with Fast Aid to bring Australian workplaces a simple solution for ensuring their workers are protected. Fast Aid design and manufacture kits to suit a diverse range of workplaces and all their kits comply with the latest WHS legislation.

Picking your First Aid Kit

The first step in picking your First Aid Kit is determining your requirements. There are 4 Fast Aid ranges that are suitable for the workplace.

  • R1 Kits are suitable for vehicles.
  • R2 Kits are suitable when you need a small kit that is portable.
  • R3 Kits are suitable as a central, non-portable kit for larger sites.
  • R4 Kits are the ultimate First Aid solution and are designed to cover a wide scope of injuries in a remote location, large construction site or in a First Aid Room.

The next step is to determine if your workplace is Low Risk or High Risk.

Low Risk -

In a Low Risk workplace, workers are not exposed to hazards that could result in serious injury or illness. Low Risk workplaces include offices, shops or libraries. First aid needs in these locations are minor as threat of a serious work related injury is low.

High Risk -

Workers in a High Risk workplace are exposed to hazards that could result in a serious injury or illness. Workplaces that could be considered High Risk include mobile plants, manufacturing plants, construction sites, mine sites, trades, warehouses and food manufacturing.

Once you have considered these things you are all set to choose a kit that fits your workplace. With kits suitable for Electricians, Plumbers, Marine, Sports, Food and more Australian Workplace Supplies and Fast Aid have you covered.

View the range of Fast Aid First Aid Kits here.

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