Safe Work Month

Posted on Oct 10th 2016

by Australian Workplace Supplies

In 2015, 191 Australians died at work. While 96% of these deaths were men, it’s important to remember that their deaths affect the whole community – including families, co-workers and friends. During National Safe Work Month, we encourage you to consider your health and safety to make sure you return home safely to your family.

 A safe and healthy workplace is a positive and productive workplace. Each year in October, National Safe Work Month reminds us about the reasons why workplace health and safety is important, and it’s a good time to stop and think about the ways in which we can all look out for each other and make sure the workplace is a healthy and safe environment. If you see something unsafe, say something.

Australian Workplace Supplies are committed to ensuring the safety of you, your colleagues and your employees. We stock a large range of first aid kits, fire extinguisher and many other products designed to keep the workplace safe.

 For more information and how to get involved see the National Safe Work Month web page

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